So it isn’t exactly carbohydrate-free, it is carbohydrate-rich really.


This small bowl of porridge oats and weetabix are probably as low sugar as one can go with breakfast cereals.


Even boring old Bran Flakes.

So I have decided to focus my carb-free diet on lunch and dinner, with a high energy, low GI breakfast to get me through the day to begin with. Hopefully this will make the entire process more sustainable.

So here you have porridge oats, 1 weetabix (which also has more sugar than I expected but I intend to wean off that too), skimmed milk and Carob Nectar for sweetness (and to make it vaguely tasty). You can use Agave Nectar too, which is also low GI, meaning that it takes a while to break down in your body, avoiding the horrendous sugar spike that refined sugar products give us.

No breakfast would be complete without a cuppa tea!

Lots of love,

Harry x