So I am a few days in to my attempt at going fast-carb free. 

It is bloody hard!!

I will admit I slipped yesterday, I went to Pizza Express for lunch with a friend and the carbonara pizza just called my name. I’m not avoiding fats, so it was too horrendous, and it was a very thin base, but… Still delicious white bread!!!

This is my form of confession I suppose.

It was probably a bad choice to start this diet this month. In the industry I work in, January is ridiculously busy and stressful. So I am stressed and tired and all I can think about is chocolate. But I have not broken! (apart from the pizza anyway).

But does anyone struggle with getting off processed sugar more so because of their diabetes? I don’t have the best control, which is why I am doing this, so my levels tend to yo yo quite a lot. How am I supposed to treat hypos without reminding myself how delicious haribo or wine gums are? Even those glucotabs would mean my brain is kept hooked on the sweet stuff. Maybe I need to walk around with a tonne of juiceboxes in my handbag, dragging it along the floor?

Like I said, this is hard.

Hopefully it will be worth it.