I have read about using cauliflower as a rice replacement for a while, though this is the first time I have tried it. I was pleasantly surprised!

I admit I went a little easy on the amount of chilli that the recipe said to add as I’m a wimp when it comes to spice, but in hindsight, mine was quite bland so next time I will definitely up the chilli.

So without further ado….


Olive Oil

Onion x 1

Red Pepper x 1

Garlic cloves x 2

1 tsp Hot Chilli Powder (this is where I went wrong, I only used Mild Chilli Powder)

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp ground cumin

500g mince (beef,turkey,pork,lamb or quorn)

beef stock cube

400g chopped tomatoes

1/2 a tsp marjoram

a good squeeze of tomato puree

410g kidney beans

1/2 a cauliflower

Sour cream or yoghurt for serving



Dice up your onion and garlic and throw them in a frying pan with a glug of olive oil. Fry until softened and add your diced red pepper (I also added some celery and mushrooms as they needed using).

Add the chilli powder, paprika and cumin and continue to cook for another few minutes. Add your mince (if you are using quorn, leave the mince addition to the last minute). Once your mince is uniformly brown, add the chopped tomatoes and beef stock, as well as the marjoram, and salt and pepper. Add your puree and kidney beans and stir well. Leave to simmer.

While the mince is simmering, cut your cauliflower into florets and blitz them briefly until they’re  rice-sized. Pop the minced cauliflower into a microwave-proof bowl, cover with clingfilm and put it on high power for 4 minutes in the microwave. Remove and stir. If soft, you can use immediately, if not, pop it back in for a while.

Once the ‘rice’ and the mince are cooked, you can serve and enjoy your low carb supper!