Eggs are super useful. Particularly when trying to replace carbohydrates (or a carb majority diet) with protein.

Protein is known to keep us fuller for longer, and not only does it mean our waistlines shrink, replacing some carbs with protein also can mean that you don’t need to stab too! (fyi, when I say ‘stab’, I mean inject – I’m not literally getting a knife and stabbing myself).

Over the last week I have been replacing my porridge breakfast with eggs, and also been making use of the chicken’s generous gift in the evenings as I am just so knackered from a long day’s work.

From scrambled to poached, omelette to baked eggs, there are a lot of relatively healthy ways to eat these guys.

For my scrambled egg breakfast, I partner it with a slice of my nutty, seedy soda bread to keep me going beyond lunchtime, whilst my omelette I pack with bacon, cheese and loads of veggies to keep me going all night long. For a little variety, partner with a simple salad and there need not be a carbohydrate in sight!