The story is simple, I wanted some comfort food. The weather is cold, wet and miserable, plus it is Sunday, which means the entire conveyor belt of manically rushing around to eat, sleep, walk dogs and work is about to start again.

My stomach was calling out for Macaroni Cheese. I normally substitute the pasta for cauliflower, but I didn’t have any, and I did have a courgette that was about to turn, and some old gnocchi to use up too. So this was a hodge podge of fridge-stuff. I think I managed to produce something edible whilst trying to reduce the fast-acting carbs where possible!


I won’t give a recipe, as it wasn’t one, and is the sort of meal that fluidity in planning is essential. For mine, I had a handful of whole-wheat fusilli pasta (par-boiled), a handful of fresh(ish) gnocchi, a large courgette (sliced into sheets with a potato peeler), and some sliced chorizo. Add a super cheesy (I like to combine mature cheddar with mozzarella) white sauce (made with wholemeal spelt flour) on the top of it all as it lies in your oven-proof dish. I cooked it for about twenty minutes at 180 degrees C. and ate it with a bit of salad.

Filling and satisfying!

Let’s hope the sugars behave…