I don’t know if anyone is really following this meagre attempt at a blog, but if you are the one person on this vast planet that has, I have definitely dropped the ball.

My intentions when starting this blog were two-fold; I was, frankly, bored and thought it might help give me some focus, and I hoped it would help me to stick to a vastly lower carbohydrate diet, started at the beginning of the year.

I had previously done this sort of diet last year, after a very bad DKA resulting from too much party on New Years Eve. At that time I was staying with my mum, who eats very healthily anyway, but is also the one person on the planet that I never want to see look as scared as she did when I spent 5 hours in Resuss in the A&E. So it was a great incentive to keep going with the diet. I was also only working part-time, so had plenty of time to spend thinking up new ways of eating healthily . This time it has been much, much harder, living alone with noone to keep me on the straight and narrow, and working long hours, with little time or energy to keep the diet interesting.

So inevitably, like many new year’s resolutions, a couple of weeks in my resolve waned and dimmed, and I let it fall by the wayside, and my lack of self control took centre-stage.

So here I am, seeking penance, for my carbohydrate-filled sins of the last week or so. The thing is, and I am not trying to make excuses (well okay, I am), but I probably chose to do this project at the worst time ever. I work in the travel industry, in sales, and when do people most want to book holidays to warm, exciting places?! Yep, January, February and March. Which is great, obviously, I love designing intrepid trips for people that sometimes don’t even have a clue where to start, getting them to the right places at the right time to see things that they have always dreamed of. BUT, I am totally knackered.

When I get tired, I get hungry, and I have no energy for even thinking of healthy, carb-free meals, never mind actually cooking them. And I just want to snack all the time. So my levels have been pretty horrific (I think I had a 27 on my tester the other day).


I mean I could have been worse, I had made a lasagne with courgette for pasta at the weekend and so ate that for my dinners in the week, and had soup for most lunches. But then occasionally I went and got a massive white bread baguette with chicken and bacon mayonnaise for lunch, or picked up a box of Cinnamon Grahams on the way home. Those Dairy Milk Caramel Eggs that are in all the shops now also is not helping me one bit. I have just apparently lost all self-control…

In response to my sub-par self control when it came to deciding what to eat, I forgot to inject a couple of times after a (thankfully low-GI) meal. But even low-GI will give you a horrible spike with no insulin! I found that I was getting sugar levels in the high teens or even twenties, and trying to use my pump bolus to bring the high down to little avail. So I had to then increase my temporary basal amount by over 150%, to finally see any form of reduction in my sugars – I have heard of ‘insulin stacking’ on a couple of forums and facebook groups, I don’t know if this is what was happening? Will have to look into it when (if) I ever get a spare second.

Anyway, this brings me to now. So I need to get back on the wagon. Maybe I will keep a bit of carb in the options, so I don’t feel so horrendously guilty if I do slip and fall. But I need to get my insulin management sorted to get my levels under control. I will still aim to reduce or remove carbs (especially high-GI) where possible, but at the end of the day we are all human, and I have many faults. I guess this will have to be one of them… for now.