My name’s Harry and I have a confession to make:

I have a serious sweet tooth and a rather defunct pancreas.

The two don’t really work well together.

So, I am starting this blog as I start my 2017 new year’s resolution of sorting out my diet and my diabetes at the same time. If anyone does decide to read this, you will be one of the helping points in keeping this endeavour on track.

Some people may say, ‘you shouldn’t need strangers reading about your downfall from your sugar-free high horse to stop you from ingesting foods that will cause your body great harm’. They would be right. But let’s face it, they probably do not have Type 1 Diabetes, and if they do, well heck, they have way more willpower than me.

Stay tuned for frank diabetes experiences, information, and diabetes-friendly recipe attempts.

Lots of love,

Harry x